Long Distance Movers – Charged per mile plus Load Labor

We Keep It Simple

Byco keeps it simple so you can understand what you’re paying for. We charge based off milage and labor it takes to load. Unloading is included in the transportation cost.

Direct Shippers

We go directly from the pickup location to the drop off location with your items.

Break Down of charges, on our Move Estimates, for Long Distance Moves –

Line item 1 – includes first 2 hours of Loading, Transportation, Unloading and Set Up

Line item 2 – the additional labor it takes to load

Line item 3 – Packing Material charges (if needed)

Line Item 4 – misc. charges for bulky items, stairs and extra stops.

We keep it simple, so you know what you will be paying.

The only thing that is “estimated” on your move estimate is the Loading Labor – We will only charge for the exact labor hours it takes and misc. charges (Line Item 4) for items or scenarios not mentioned or seen during the walk through or phone call.

What We Offer with Every Move

Moving Truck(s) – our trucks have ramps and lift gates so we can handle heavy items in a safe manner.

Disassembly of Items, Wrapping and Protecting, Loading, Transporting, Unloading and Set Up.

The Proper Equipment for every job is a must. It keeps our guys safe and keeps your items from breaking. We make sure our guys are set up for success when they’re on the job. They will always carry Shrink Wrap, Dollies, Tools, Pads, 4-wheelers, Tape and other misc. to get the job done correctly.

Experience – our crews are experienced and go from coast to coast

Packing Services (optional) – always optional for any move.

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