Move Insurance

When you book your moving job with us, we provide Basic Insurance with every move.

Basic Insurance is based on the weight of the item – not the value of the item or up to 5% of the cost of the move.

Basic Insurance is defined as such: $.60 per pound per article.

Example: if your item weighs 10 lbs. you will receive $6.00 for the item.

5% example: if your bill is $1000 you could receive up to $50.

Basic Insurance weight or 5% cannot be combined.

Please keep in mind basic insurance is not meant to buy an item at msrp. It is meant to help get the item(s) fixed or help purchase a used or new item. If you want actual insurance it will need to be purchased – see below.

Full Coverage Insurance is offered but must be purchased before job.

Full Coverage Insurance is based on the value of the total goods being moved (not single items)

We have minimums to purchase additional insurance based on size of house / apartment:

  • 0-1 bedroom home = $10,000 usd
  • 2 bedroom home = $15,000 usd
  • 3 bedroom home = $20,000 usd
  • 4 bedroom home = 25,000 usd
  • 5 bedroom home = $30,000 usd

There are deductibles at $0.00, $250.00 and $500.00. Just like car insurance; you would come out of pocket for your deductible amount then we would step in up to the amount insured.

We do not insure any items in boxes we did not pack. No matter if Full Coverage Insurance was purchased or just Basic Insurance. The reasoning? We can not see in the boxes.